Membrane Services

Is your membrane system not performing up to specification, or are you cleaning your membranes more frequently than you should. A membrane autopsy is valuable tool for identifying if damage to your membrane and/or fouling material present on the surface

Our autopsies include all of the standard autopsy procedure as well as a number of advanced techniques we have developed in-house to help discover the root cause of your problems

Our Membrane characterisation utilises various techniques to understand the mechanical, morphological and chemical properties of your membrane and is a vital addition to our autopsy and cleaning services.

Characterisation is able identify material changes due to severe or inappropriate operating conditions, different manufacturing batches or changes over time due to ageing and us suitable for manufacturers and end-users alike.

A vital part of any membrane process, regular cleaning helps maintain your system in optimum operating condition. It is therefore important to be sure that your cleaning protocols are efficient in removing any fouling material.

A cleaning trial can help you optimise your cleaning protocol or trial new cleaning solutions. Our laboratory facilities include the ability to conduct trials from small bench-scale samples up to full-scale modules.