Membrane Cleaning

Membrane cleaning is an important part of any membrane filtration process.  During normal operation contaminants are concentrated on the surface of the membrane.  These contaminants build up and reduce the performance of the membrane system including higher operating pressures, poorer water quality and reduced outputs. To minimise the effecting of fouling, periodic cleaning is required of all membrane systems.  The frequency, duration and types of chemicals used for cleaning are system and site specific, and can also change over time as feed water quality or other treatment processes change.

Membrane Works are able to assist with the testing and verification of existing cleaning protocols and the development of new protocols. Additionally we are also able to assist with the evaluation of treatment chemicals such as antiscalants and biocides.

Our facilities include the ability to conduct trials from small bench-scale samples up to full-scale modules. Bench-scale trials are useful for screening a many different types of cleaning solutions and are able to provide a good assessment of relative cleaning efficiencies quickly and cheaply. Testing of full-scale modules provides results representative of your full-scale system and allow you to test new cleaning protocols as they will be implemented on site.

For more information on our cleaning services and how we can help you improve your membrane cleaning contact us today.