Process Monitoring & Optimisation

Membrane Works offered a range of independent process monitoring and optimisation services for clients operating membrane treatment facilities. Our services help you maintain operating performance and minimise your lifecycle cost.

Our process services include:

  • Performance Assessments – If you have a problem with your membrane plant, or just need to do a periodic evaluation of it performance. Our qualified team are able to complete an on-site assessment or your water quality, operating parameters and membrane condition.
  • Data Monitoring – If you have a membrane facility generating data and need support in interpreting it, or are just looking for a second opinion from independent experts. Our data monitoring services can help you avoid operational issues before they start.
  • System Optimisation – If you have a stable membrane facility but need to look at reducing operating costs or maximising the life of your asset. How team can provide advice on how to safely improve your membrane process.

Services Enquiry

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